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Issue #3 - October 2010

Whether you’re producing a TV series, feature film, or documentary, instill confidence by turning to
Martini Crew Booking for creativity and charisma.

Ancient Aliens

For all you Sci-Fi lovers! Prometheus Entertainment (The Girls Next Door, Holly's World)gave Martini the keys to the spacecraft to explore the possibility that we've been visited by alien astronauts centuries ago. Thank you to Frankie Glass (Supervising Producer) and John Younger (Line Producer) for bringing us on board this History Channel adventure!

Check out their website for featured videos, photos, and the upcoming episodes guide.

Director of Photography Clay Westervelt
Prod Sound Supervisor Tom Echlin

Bakery Bunch

TLC's Bakery Bunch samples the world of Jennifer and Dirk Williams, a Southern California family running a second-generation bakery while sweetening their marriage with their 4-year-old triplet boys. Thanks to Carl Buehl, John Scheer, and Rob Englehardt (Executive Producers) for tempting us every day with good times and goodies at Beverly's Best Bakery. Now the Martini Crew needs to hit the gym.

Director of Photography Clay Westervelt
Camera Operators James Conant, Melissa Holt
Production Sound Supervisor Jim Siler
Audio Mixer Jon Ingalls
First AC Alex Twu
Production Assistant Sam Chung


Martini congratulates The Sheppard on its continued relationship with HerbaLife. This international corporation turns to the Silverlake-based production company to capture moving stories of financial independence and transformation of lives. Martini is happy to be there for the smiles and the tears.

Directors of Photography James Conant, Melissa Holt, Lisa Stacilauskas, Brad Carper
Audio Operator Sekahng Oh

The international clothier turned to Chris Cummings and Insight EPK when it needed to capture the casual chic of their new line. Insight stands out with innovative production and editorial solutions.

Directors of Photography Bryan Adams and Clay Westervelt
Audio Operator Sandy Fellerman
Production Assistant Christian Balka

Bartender Recommends
Is that a SwitchBlade in your pocket?

In this issue, Martini would like to recommend one of our very own Camera Ops invention: The SwitchBlade. John Ealer created this SwitchBlade design for portable flag and net kits that are ready in seconds. If you love the compact durability of the 18"x24", wait till you see the brand-new gigantic 4x4 floppy!

Check out his website for more information

Click here to view the "how it works" video

Martini Shot
P2 Cards

Martini seeks to reduce its carbon footprint (who wants carbon in their martini anyway? Yuck!), so we're transitioning into more environmentally-friendly gear. Though we retain multiple tape-based systems, going tapeless is one of the smartest things we've ever done. By using P2 cards, we're cutting waste and toxicity associated with magnetic videotape. The workflow is faster, and we're saving up to $1k per week in tape stock! Mmmmm.. Recycling goes down SMOOTH!


Martini expands its energy-efficient lighting packages with Kino Flo fluorescents, which operate cooler and use less power than equivalent tungstens. It can't get better than that! Oh, wait - yes it CAN!

Martini has also embraced environmentally-friendly LED LitePanels, as well as developing other LED lamps of our own original design. Our lightweight (gas-saving, back-saving!) 1x1 and Mini LitePanels pump out daylight while running wirelessly on rechargeable batteries for ultimate time saving.

I guess tungsten never got the memo about going green.

Choose Martini Crew Booking and you may just enjoy that martini a little sooner!